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  1. Safety first: Due to security reasons you need a username and password to use SHERLOGG. Please contact our sales team or Bernd Fließer (E: to request your personal login information without any obligation. Finally, we do not want that your confidential data fall into the wrong hands. You will receive the necessary access information promptly. Our contact persons can also provide support in case of problems or just to give you a short introduction. Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you should have any questions.
  2. It's your choice: Please select the right menu, depending on what operation you would like to do - online order management or searching for shipments.
  3. Online-order management: In this screen you are able to enter all relevant shipment data. The more details you can provide, the better you can track your consignment(s) afterwards.
  4. shipment tracking: Within the tracking menu you can search and find your consignments according to several parameters like your internal reference number (if specified in your order). Furthermore, you are able to check stock movements and stock levels.
  5. search result: In this section you will find detailled information about the status, pick-up and delivery date, package information, measurements and weight, reference numbers or e.g. address information of your shipment.


Here you will find a detailled description of SHERLOGG:

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