Warehousing & Logistics projects

Global markets and supply chains require effective and efficient logistics solutions. As a service provider we are used to handle complex logistics processes. To accomplish these demands, we use a sophisticated software solution, that allows us to implement customer specific workflows flexibly. Our Warehouse Management System (WMS) supports and manages the whole order handling process - from order receipt to delivery and invoicing.


From the operational point of view, we spare our clients complex and time-consuming activities like picking, packing, labelling and neutralisation and also arrange the dispatching of your goods on schedule. Operations like loading, unloading, transhipment and container handling are part of the daily routine of our trained warehouse staff. Our experienced team ensures that your goods are handled and stored properly. Our internet application called SHERLOGG offers our customers a comfortable possibility to continually control the stock levels.



  • 27,000 m² warehouse facilities
  • Warehouse Management System (WMS) + Online Client
  • packing machine, stretch film wrapping machine
  • paperless handling (bar coding/EAN)
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