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Here in our download area we provide miscellaneous publications, e.g. our corporate company presentation or the JÖBSTL environmental statement. Furthermore, you will find our third party certificates.


Your dedicated contact person for support and any marketing requests (e.g. logos, photographic material): Bernd Fließer.

JÖBSTL Corporate Presentation


Environmental Statement

With the JÖBSTL environmental statement we aim to provide environmental information to the general public and all interested stakeholders regarding the environmental impact and performance of our organisation. Furthermore, we want to inform about our environmental activities and the continual improvement in this field.


  • The content of our environmental statement is based on the requirements of the EU-eco audit scheme (EMAS).
  • A simplified version of this document including major changes and the current environmental programme will be issued annually.
  • consolidated version of our environmental statement will be validated by an external environmental auditor and published every three years.


The environmental statement is created by the environmental representative (UMB).
This document will be approved within the annual Management Re-/Preview.
The publication is currently only available in German.

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