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JÖBSTL-Group is spread over 10 locations in Europe. Apart from the headquarters in Wundschuh, there are three additional offices in Austria located in Spielfeld, Pichl bei Wels and Fürnitz. In Wiener Neudorf, JÖBSTL is a stakeholder of SLM Spedition & Logistik Gesellschaft m.b.H.

Additionally, in May 2004, an office was opened in the Slovenian capital Ljubljana. Since 2007, JÖBSTL has also been represented in Sibiu (Romania) and in Budapest (Hungary). In 2015, JOEBSTL Bulgaria OOD was founded, located at Sofia (BG). In 2016, JÖBSTL EAST GmbH located in Munich was founded.

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JÖBSTL Gesellschaft m.b.H.
Gewerbepark 1
A-8142 Wundschuh

T: +43 3135 501 - 0
F: +43 3135 501 - 19
E: office@joebstl.at
W: www.joebstl.at