Our Business Objective

What drives us

What should be guiding us, unless the demands and wishes of our customers? We do not even aim to meet the requirments and interests of our national and international clients, partners, employees and stakeholders in an constantly changing working environment, but to exceed them.


In order to attain those objectives, it is necessary to improve our ability to act to position JÖBSTL as a long-term player on the market. Profitability and financial strength are essential prerequisites for this purpose. Both factors can only be assured, if our customers are able to recognize the outstanding quality of our services and products and if they are willing to pay a fair price for it.


In order to achieve our goals we count on our biggest and most valuable asset: our employees!

Mission Statement

JÖBSTL is a mid-sized family-run company, characterized by its long-term know-how, creativity, flexibility, dynamics and a high quality of service. We provide innovative logistics solutions, which contribute substantially to our customers' success.

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JÖBSTL Gesellschaft m.b.H.
Gewerbepark 1
A-8142 Wundschuh

T: +43 3135 501 - 0
F: +43 3135 501 - 19
E: office@joebstl.at
W: www.joebstl.at